Event 45
Mr. Game and Watch Forever!
Official description The system that started a worldwide boom lives on!
Character(s) used Mr. Game & Watch (3 lives)
Opponent(s) 25 Mr. Game & Watch (1 life each)
Stage(s) Flat Zone
Music Flat Zone
Availability Unlockable

Game & Watch Forever is one of the 51 Event Matches of Event Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


This Event Match requires the player controlling the red Mr. Game & Watch to KO several (twenty-five) normal black Mr. Game & Watches. The player has three stocks, while the other 25 have only one each. Most attacks are strong enough to KO the CPU opponents on the tiny stage at 0%. There is a handicap fix in this event, with the player having less handicap than the computer players.


Beating this Event Match will get the player the Game & Watch trophy.

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