Event 42
Trouble King 2
Official description Hey, Mario! When did Bowser get so big, huh?
Character(s) used Luigi (2 lives)
Opponent(s) Giant Bowser (2 lives)
Stage(s) Poké Floats
Music Poké Floats
Availability Unlockable

Event 42: Trouble King 2 is one of the 51 event matches of the event mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee. This Event Match is somewhat of a sequel to the first Trouble King.


Bowser returns, and is extremely large. In addition, instead of fighting him with Mario, the player fights him with Luigi. Both characters have 2 stock each. In terms of handicap, it is the "opposite" of the original Trouble King match against Mario: Bowser is strong enough to easily kill Luigi quickly.

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