Single Event 37
The Pirate Airship
Official description Your chance comes when the whirlwind lifts the pirate ship. Finish it in the sky!
Character(s) used Toon Link (2 lives)
Opponent(s) Yoshi (1 life)
Yoshi (1 life)
Stage(s) Pirate Ship
Music Song of Storms
Availability Unlockable after unlocking all characters

The Pirate Airship is the 37th event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is unlocked, along with Events 29-36 and 38-40, after all playable characters are unlocked. The player plays Toon Link and must KO two Yoshis when the whirlwind picks up the ship into the sky. If a Yoshi is KO'd when the Pirate Ship is on the water, it respawns at 0%. Beating this event unlocks Song of Storms for the Pirate Ship stage.


  • The only Pirate Ship event that occurs during this match is the hurricane. There will be no rocks, bomb cannons, etc.

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