Event 31
Mario Bros. Madness
Official description A classic plumber clash in the Mushroom Kingdom!
Character(s) used Choose (Infinite)
Opponent(s) Mario (Infinite)
Luigi (Infinite)
Stage(s) Kingdom
Music Mushroom Kingdom
Availability Unlockable

Event Match 31: Mario Bros. Madness is one of the 51 Event Matches from the Event Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee. This event match is similar to the point-system in Versus Mode.


The players have two minutes to try and win as many points as possible. Points are rewarded for knocking out Mario and Luigi. The players lose a point if they kill themselves or Mario/Luigi kills them. If Mario or Luigi successfully knock out the player characters, then they will receive a point. Mario and Luigi also lose a point if they are knocked out. The character with the most points at the end of two minutes wins the event match.