Single player Event 26
The Slow and Easy Life
Official description You want to enjoy K.K. Slider's show. But those guys keep gettin' in the way...
Character(s) used Ness (1 life)
Opponent(s) 3 Tiny Olimars, 1 life each
Stage(s) Smashville
Music Rockin' K.K.Slider
Availability Complete the Subspace Emissary

The Slow and Easy Life is the 26th event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The player fights as Ness and battles against 3 tiny Olimars. The player must KO all 3 Olimars before K.K. Slider's song ends.


  • This Event could be a reference to the fact that in EarthBound, Ness watched various shows, most notably those of the Runway Five. The fact that the enemies are also Tiny Olimars represents the fact that in his own series, Olimar is only about an inch tall.
  • The event involves K.K. Slider regardless of the time it is played.
  • This is the only event featuring K.K. Slider.

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