Single Event 24
Come On, Blue Falcon!
Official description Dawdle too much and the race will end! Ride the Blue Falcon to victory!
Character(s) used Captain Falcon (1 life)
Opponent(s) R.O.B (unlimited lives)
R.O.B (unlimited lives)
Stage(s) Port Town Aero Dive
Music Fire Field
Availability Unlocked after completing Subspace stage in Adventure Mode.

"Come On, Blue Falcon!" is the twenty-fourth of 41 single-player event matches in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and takes place in Port Town Aero Dive. The player must use Captain Falcon during this event, and two R.O.B.s on the same team opposing the player. The goal of this event is for Captain Falcon to defeat both of the R.O.B.s with his Final Smash, Blue Falcon. The R.O.B. are given unlimited stock and can only be defeated by the use of Blue Falcon. Although it appears not to be timed, the event only lasts until the finish line on the stage Port Town Aero Dive. If Captain Falcon fails to defeat the two R.O.B. before the finish line on the stage is reached, it is a failure.


Completing this event match unlocks the song Fire Field for the Port Town Aero Dive stage.


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