Single Event 14
Sproutage of Flower Pikmin
Official description In time, Pikmin blossom. Guard the six Pikmin until they all bloom into flowers!
Character(s) used Olimar (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Pikachu (unlimited stock)
Pokémon Trainer (unlimited stock)
Stage(s) Distant Planet
Music World Map (Pikmin 2)
Availability Complete seven starter events.

Sproutrage of the Flower Pikmin is the fourteenth event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl taking place on Distant Planet. The player fights as Olimar and must protect his six Pikmin from Pokémon Trainer and Pikachu for forty seconds each until their flowers bloom. Olimar, however, must be aware of the two as they both have unlimited life stock while Olimar only has one piece.

This event is won when Olimar successfully protects his Pikmin for forty seconds total from his opponents and is awarded with the Red Pikmin trophy if done successfully. He loses, however, if any of his Pikmin dies or if he becomes KOed.

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