Event 11
King of the Mountain
Official description Ice Climbers protect their turf! Just try to survive!
Character(s) used Choose (1 life)
Opponent(s) 2 pairs of Ice Climbers (Both infinite)
Stage(s) Icicle Mountain
Music Icicle Mountain
Availability Unlockable

Event Match 11: King of the Mountain is one of the Event Matches in Event Mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee.


The player is pitted against two Ice Climbers on Icicle Mountain and has one minute to survive without being KO'd. The movement of Icicle Mountain is random; sometimes it could move up fast, sometimes the movement can be slow. The player can fight the Ice Climbers too. If the player KOs the Ice Climbers, they will respawn to the stage, but the more the Ice Climbers are KO'd, the higher the score recorded for the event. A good strategy is to avoid fighting the Ice Climbers when they are at the bottom of the screen or when the stage is moving fast.

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