The Break of Day
The Break of Day Event Icon
Official description Collect the three parts required to assemble the Daybreak, and then bring ruin to your opponents with this powerful weapon!
Character(s) used Pit (1 stock)
Opponent(s) 3 Dark Pits (infinite lives)
Stage(s) Skyworld
Music Overworld
Objective for Reward Clear within 70 seconds.
Reward Item Shooter Sacred Treasures
Availability Clear Aura Mastery

The Break of Day is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, the player controls Pit, and must defeat 3 Dark Pits using the Daybreak. Defeating the Dark Pits with the Daybreak removes them from the match while defeating them by any other means causes them to respawn.


This event in unlocked by clearing Aura Mastery. Completing the event unlocks the left path.

Clearing the event within 70 seconds awards an Item Shooter Sacred Treasures equipment.

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