Great Fox Defense
Great Fox Defense Event Icon
Official description A mysterious group of bandits is invading! Don't let a single one of them on board!
Character(s) used Falco (1 stock)
Opponent(s) 1st Mr. Game & Watch
(3 stocks) (Easy)
(5 stocks) (Normal)
(7 stocks) (Hard)
2nd Mr. Game & Watch
(2 stocks) (Easy)
(3 stocks) (Normal)
(5 stocks) (Hard)
3rd Mr. Game & Watch
(1 stock) (Easy)
(4 stocks) (Normal)
(5 stocks) (Hard)
Stage(s) Lylat Cruise
Music Space Armada
Objective for Reward Clear the stage on hard difficulty.
Reward KO Healer Blaster
Availability *Clear Behind Enemy Lines
*Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

Great Fox Defense is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, the player controls Falco, and must defeat 3 Mr. Game & Watches with a varied amount of stock without allowing a single one to land on the stage. On harder difficulties, the opponents have more stock. After two are defeated, a second one appears, and the final one appears after two more are defeated. The landing Mr. Game & Watches appear to have reduced gravity with the ones with their parachute deployed fall slower than the ones that don't. This event is a counterpart to the Co-Op Event Keep 'Em off the Ship!, as both have the same objective.


This event is unlocked by clearing Behind Enemy Lines and unlocking Mr. Game & Watch. Completing the event unlocks the down path.

Completing the event on hard difficulty awards a KO Healer Blaster equipment.