Eruption (噴火 Funka) is Ike's Neutral Special Move. Ike lifts his sword and then plunges it in front of him, creating a fiery explosion


By holding the Special Button, Ike will charge up Eruption, which is indicated by a glow around Ike (red in Brawl, blue in WU/3DS). Charging the attack will increase its damage output and the size and reach of the explosion. After five seconds, Ike will automatically release a fully-charged Eruption, and be inflicted 10% recoil damage.

The knockback caused by this move is mostly vertical when it isn't charged fully and becomes more horizontal when it is. The flames reach high up, so there is a large vertical hitbox as well. There are also smaller hitboxes below, far in front of, and behind Ike.

Eruption, like Ike's Aether, possesses Super Armor. The moment that the Special Button is released to the point where the sword hits the ground are launch resistant frames. As Ike is particularly susceptible to juggling due to his high weight and falling speed, the super armor frames can be useful for defending against it.

A fully charged Eruption can break any character's shield, provided that it was not a Perfect Shield. It can also be a Meteor Smash when sweetspotted on the tip at the very end of the hitbox, but it's quite a weak spike, and its impracticality makes it rarely used on purpose (if at all) in competitive play.

Eruption can be very powerful once fully charged up, but in one-on-one the opponent will most often not let that happen. Ike's neutral special can be useful for combos and can kill opponents (with little charge) at around 130%. The combos come from the fact that the move knocks opponents upwards. Eruption has a decent amount of ending lag on it, but once that is over Ike can jump into the air and hit the airborne opponent with a forward or up air. It could be used for edge-guarding too, sending the opponent above the edge and then hitting them away with a forward air.

Ike's Special Moves
Standard Special Eruption
Side Special Quick Draw
Up Special Aether
Down Special Counter
Final Smash Great Aether

Custom Variations


Tempest is one of Ike's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Ike plunges the sword into the ground and creates a wind gust that pushes opponents away but dealing less damage.


  • Pushboxes
  • Edge-guarding tool
  • Great launch
  • No recoil damage


  • Less damage
  • Less kill power

The Tempest custom variation, like the default Eruption variation, is a good edge-guarding tool, but for different reasons. The windboxes on the move can push recovering opponents away from the edge; the move has good launch behind it when fully charged but deals far less damage and is not a kill move either. hen fully charged it will deal no recoil damage though; Tempest has greater horizontal launch than vertical, so the way in which it is used is a bit different from the default.

Furious Eruption

Furious Eruption is one of Ike's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Ike creates a much stronger and wider explosion, but takes longer to charge and inflicts more recoil damage.


  • Larger hitbox
  • More damage
  • Edge-guarding tool
  • Kill move


  • Inflicts 10% recoil damage at half-charge and 15% recoil at full-charge
  • Takes longer to charge

The Furious Eruption custom variation has a larger explosion and as such, a larger hitbox; it also deals more damage and kills earlier. The move takes longer to charge up completely and also deals more recoil damage to Ike when used at full charge. Similar to the default variation, the move is useful for edge-guarding.

Ike's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Tempest Furious Eruption
Side Special Close Combat Unyielding Blade
Up Special Aether Drive Aether Wave
Down Special Paralyzing Counter Smash Counter


Graphically, it resembles the animation of the Bolganone spell in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U the attack was changed to blue, referencing Ike's title as "the Hero of Blue Flames".


Eruption has nine stages of power, eight charging up stages and the fully-charge stage. A stage 1 eruption does 10%, with each subsequent stage dealing 4-5% more damage, ending with the 8th stage dealing 38-40%. A fully charge eruption does between 37-39% with a larger hitbox and a horizontal trajectory, while dealing 10% to Ike. Ike will start flashing red once he reaches stage 7. Both stage 7 and stage 8 Eruption are stronger than the fully-charged eruption. A Stage 7 eruption is able to KO at low percentage.

A stage 8 eruption is Ike's most powerful attack, and it is strong enough to OHKO a majority of the characters in the game. Only the super-heavyweights, Ganondorf, Ike himself, Captain Falcon, and Link, can survive it on Final Destination at 0% without DI or Momentum Canceling. The timing for a stage 8 eruption is very tight however, as B must be released the frame just before it becomes fully-charged. If done too soon, it will just be at stage 7. If done too late, Ike will release eruption as fully-charged.


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