Electric Ness is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee that was discovered by Henpen924 in March 2008. This glitch will cause Ness to be covered by electric sparks. This glitch only works on Training Mode.


Characters required

Stages required

  • This will work on any stage.

  1. Set the Ness CPU to Human.
  2. Make Yoshi use Egg Lay on Ness.
  3. While Ness is breaking out of the egg, have him use PK Thunder.
  4. During the PK Thunder animation, have Yoshi use egg lay on Ness again. The egg will have sparks behind it.
  5. After Ness escapes from the egg, the CPU must be set to Stand.

If the method is performed correctly, Ness will be covered in sparks after escaping from the egg, and the sparks will linger around Ness indefinitely. If Ness uses PK Thunder again, or is KOd, the sparks will disappear.

Unconfirmed alternative methods

  • Grabbing Ness while he is using PK Thunder.
  • Make Ness hit the top of his head straight on with his own PK Thunder. Ness should not launch. However, with this method, the sparks will not linger forever because certain moves will make them vanish.
  • Hit Ness in midair while he is using PK Thunder. This technique does not always work.

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