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Electric Attack is a type of sticker power-up that adds damage to attacks imbued with electricity, such as Thunder Jolt.

Characters that can use electricity


Magic is simply another form of electricity, with different sound effects. Just like electricity, magic leaves a character arcing with electricity.

Characters that use magic

  • Zelda - Forward Smash, Up Smash, Neutral Air, Forward Air (must be sweetspotted), Back Air (must be sweetspotted), Down Air (must be sweetspotted), Neutral A, Up Tilt, Dash Attack, Pummel, Down Throw Nayru's Love
  • Peach - Up Tilt


PK is similar to magic, except with psychic properties.

Characters that use PK

  • Ness - PK Flash, Forward Air, Back Air (sweetspotted), Dash Attack
  • Lucas - Forward Tilt, Up Tilt, Down Smash, Up Smash, Forward Air (sweetspotted), Neutral Air, Back Air, Down Air, Dash Attack, PSI Magnet (if a character is caught within the bubble right before Lucas lets go of it)


Energy is used mostly as a projectile, and less as a physical attack. Energy has the same properties as electricity, except with different sound effects.

Characters that utilize energy

Items that use energy

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