A Drill Footstool Spike (DFS) for short is a useful edgeguard/combo tactic in Super Smash Bros Brawl. It is based on doing Falco's down air attack into a Footstool Jump. Using this will decrease the opponent's chance of recovering. This technique is called what it is because Falco's dair is like a drill that spikes, and after the "drill" there is a footstool jump, both of which spike an opponent.


This tactic can be used in combos too. It is possible to combo this move with another aerial and so on. With more experimenting, it is possible for Falco to perform this tactic. For Falco, the player fast falls towards their opponent and then footstool.


  • (DFS) when on the footstool part shorthop it fast fall and shine spike the opponent.
  • (DFS) after the footstool combo it into a B-air to stage spike the opponent if they're close enough

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