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Double-Edge Dance is Roy's Side Special Move. Roy performs a small sword combo.


After the initial attack, the player can input up to 3 more combinations of a direction (Forward, Down, Up, or Neutral) and B to create a combo of up to four hits. This move is often considered one of Roy's best moves.

This attack is basically the same as Marth's Dancing Blade. However, unlike the latter, Roy's strikes decrease in damage, while the damage of Marth's increases.

Roy's Special Moves
Standard Special Flare Blade
Side Special Double-Edge Dance
Up Special Blazer
Down Special Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit


  • The first two hits of the combo come out no matter how fast the player presses the buttons. For the third and fourth hits, the player must wait a few frames in between button presses, or else Roy will not perform the attacks. Due to this, the opponent can counter-attack or roll away after the first and second hits if they manage to shield or crouch cancel them.
  • If the player uses the Up variation as the third hit, it will act as a Meteor Smash. A useful combination when the player has got their opponent near the edge is: Forward, Up, Up. The second Up is a mini launcher that sets up for the Meteor Smash. However, if the opponent is expecting the move, it is easily Meteor Cancelled.
  • Using Forward as the third hit provides more knockback than the other third hits. All of the fourth hits have even higher knockback, with the exception of the Down. The Down attack, however, is useful against crouch-cancelers, and also helps to eat away a shield.

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