This article is about Dark Pit's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. For other uses, see Dark Pit. Also, for information about the character of whom Dark Pit is a clone, see Pit (SSBWU/3DS).
Dark Pit
Dark Pit SSB4
Universe Kid Icarus
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Dark Pit Staff
Tier C (31)
Character Statistics
Number of Jumps 4
Can Wall Jump No
Can Wall Cling No
Can Crawl No
Has a Tether No
Voice Actors
Voiced by (English) Antony Del Rio (uncredited)
Voiced by (Japanese) Minami Takayama

Dark Pit (Japanese: ダークピット Dākupitto) (ブラックピット, Burakku Pitto, Black Pit) jokingly reffered to as Pittoo, is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. He was revealed during a live stream from people who received the game before its Japanese release, though his debut in the game was hinted at in the ending of Palutena's reveal trailer.

Dark Pit is currently ranked 31st on the tier list, tying with Pit. This is due to his Side Special Move, Electroshock Arm being a more versatile KO option near an edge, his Silver Bow being a stronger but less versatile projectile and his Forward Tilt being weaker.

Dark Pit has nearly the same strengths and weaknesses as Pit, meaning that Dark Pit possesses balanced attributes and a solid combo and approach game, but lacks solid KO options.

How to Unlock

Nintendo 3DS

  • Play 50 matches.
  • Complete Classic Mode 3 times.

After completing either option, you must fight and defeat Dark Pit on Reset Bomb Forest.

Wii U

Afterwards, you must fight and defeat Dark Pit on Palutena's Temple.



  • Is an all-rounded character, which means he can do well against all types of characters.
  • All normal attacks, except for Up Tilt, have disjointed hitboxes due him using swords.
  • Has excellent recovery, having multiple jumps and Power of Flight.
  • Forward Throw can be used as a KO on ledges at high percentages and other throws can be used for startup combos.
  • Great edgeguarding game thanks to his various multi-hit attacks with high number of active frames.
  • Silver Bow is extremely versatile and can be easily controlled by the player, allowing for excellent edge-guarding and zoning. It can be aimed behind Dark Pit or upwards, however cannot be guided as much as Pit's arrows.
  • Has two reflectors: Guardian Orbitars and Electroshock Arm.
    • Guardian Orbitars can also be used as a short-term barrier as it moves opponents back if they touch them.
    • Electroshock Arm also provides super armor frames while being used, in addition to being a reliable KO move at high percentages.
  • Has many options for edge-guarding. His excellent recovery also allows him to go off the platform to attack opponents attempting to recover and get back on the platform safely.
  • Down Aerial has decent range, in addition to being able to Meteor Smash if timed right.


  • Poor KO options outside of edge-guarding.
  • Down Air Attack's sweetspot for Meteor Smash is very hard to land, having a small window of opportunity.
  • Silver Bow has high startup lag, which can result in punishment if the enemy can quickly react to it.
    • In addition, compared to Link and Toon Link's Hero's Bow, Dark Pit cannot hold onto the arrow indefinitely and release it at full charge.
  • Guardian Orbitars and Electroshock Arm have high starting and ending lag, which can result into harsh punishment if used improperly.
  • Electroshock Arm has severe ending lag if used in the air, leaving Dark Pit very vulnerable, and making it a risky option if used for recovery.
  • Guardian Orbitars cannot be held indefinitely, unlike Fox's Reflector; Dark Pit will withdraw them after a few seconds.
    • In addition, they can also be broken after receiving enough damage, preventing him from using for a while.
  • Power of Flight doesn't provide any damaging hitboxes, meaning Dark Pit is be vulnerable during its execution.



Dark Pit's stats by Kurogane Hammer.

Dark Pit is an All-Rounder, being good both on defense and offense, and capable of adapting to many situations.

Unlike most clone characters that have notable differences compared to their originals (Dr. Mario being slower and stronger than Mario, and Lucina lacking a tipper on her attacks unlike Marth), Dark Pit is virtually the same as Pit, with very few, and often downlooked differences. His most noticeable differences are in the Special Attacks. Because of that, a Pit player will have no problems playing Dark Pit the same way.

Dark Pit's neutral special is fast, and deals some good damage, but unlike Pit it cannot be guided very well, only slightly moving up and down. The projectile is a good zoning tool; if Dark Pit is spaced from the edge just right when edge-guarding, guiding the arrow down as soon as it is fired will result in the arrow passing just over the edge to hit any opponents trying to snag it; however, because the guiding is worse with Dark Pit, he'll have to be spaced from the edge more than Pit. The arrow can be aimed upwards as well, which can be good for surprising opponents trying to approach from the air. Dark Pit can also reverse the direction he aims the attack in, so he can surprise opponents coming from behind as well.

Electroshock Arm has Super Armor and is one of Dark Pit's best KO moves, but unfortunately it does not reliably combo into or out of much because of its starting and ending lag; because of this ending lag, the move should not be spammed or the opponent will be able to dodge and punish it. The move's Super Armor can make it a good horizontal recovery because edge-guard attempts will be left useless and the edge-guarding opponent will also take damage from the attack. Electroshock Arm can also break shields if it connects twice consecutively, though it is best to weaken the shield with other attacks before using this move to break them or the ending lag will get Dark Pit punished. Electroshock Arm's knockback is more horizontal than Pit's Upperdash Arm, so it can be a good tool for getting opponents off-stage as well.

Power of Flight is a phenomenal recovery allowing Dark Pit to go deeper for off-stage KOs.

Dark Pit's down special, Guardian Orbitars, are the standard reflecting move; it won't deal damage but will push opponents away a short distance.

Dark Pit's jab is a good combo finisher, though the infinite version can combo into dash attack, up smash, or forward air attack. His forward tilt is a great spacing tool, his down tilt is good for combos, and his up tilt is great for getting opponents into the air for some air attacks.

Dark Pit's smash attacks are all pretty useful; his down smash attack is excellent for edge-guarding and punishing rollers because of its good range. Dark Pit's forward smash is a great KO move and combo finisher. The worst of Dark Pit's smash attacks is his up smash attack, but it still performs rather well. It can be hard to hit opponents next to Pit with but can be a good juggling tool and combo finisher.

Dark Pit's air attacks are good combo attacks and often have long-lasting hitboxes with multi-hit properties. Dark Pit's forward air attack is a good edge-guarding tool and combo move. Dark Pit's down air attack can be an awkward attack and unreliable meteor smash but still does some good damage nonetheless. Dark Pit's up air attack is a great juggling tool and combo attack. Dark Pit's back air attack is good for combos and KOs in the air. Perhaps the best of Dark Pit's air attacks is his neutral air attack. The long-lasting hitboxes on this one makes it hard for opponents to airdodge out of, it deals good damage, is a great combo tool and edge-guarding move and KOs just off the edge at 130% on most characters.

Dark Pit's throws are all surprisingly useful. His back throw is great for getting opponents off-stage and can kill near the edge. His up throw can combo into up aerial, neutral aerial, and sometimes guided arrow. His down throw combos into forward aerial and his forward throw combos into dash attack at lower percentages.

Differences from Pit

Ground Attacks

  • Forward Tilt has much lower base knockback, however it launches opponents slightly downwards if they're near the edge.

Special Attacks

  • Stnadard Special: is Silver Bow rather than Palutena's Arrow. It deals slightly higher damage and knockback than Palutena's Arrow, but the projectile is slower, does not travel as far as Pit's, and is harder to control.
  • Side Special: is Electroshock Arm rather than Upperdash Arm. It deals very slightly more damage than Pit's, and launches opponents diagonally upwards rather than straight up. This move is also safer on shield than Upperdash Arm, thanks to the revised shield mechanics introduced in patch 1.1.1, as it deals electric damage.
  • Final Smash: Dark Pit Staff, rather than Three Sacred Treasures. It is Dark Pit's only notable move from being completely different from Pit's. It functions similar to Zelda/Sheik's Light Arrow, being capable of 1-hit KO.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack - Slashes three times, spins the blades together back and forth, hitting repeatedly. Interestingly, Dark Pit cannot enter his rapid fire attack by simply holding the "Attack" button, he will only do a three hit combo. However, once he has entered the rapid fire attack, it is necessary only to continue holding 'Attack' to continue it. This means Dark Pit essentially has two different combos depending if the button is tapped or held initially. 11% damage rapid attack: 1% per hit.
  • Dash Attack - Small slash forward with one of his blades below, below average knock back. 12% damage.
  • Strong Side - Thrusts both blades forward causing 12% damage and good knockback.
  • Strong Up - Plants bow into the ground and does a handstand with it, performing two kicks above him, the first comboing into the next. Causes 16% damage.
  • Strong Down - Crouches and swipes a blade towards the ground causing 11% damage. Can spike when the foot and blade touch the opponent.


  • Forward smash - A weak slash followed immediately by a very strong slash. 15-21%
  • Up smash - Three quick slashes above his head. 13-16%
  • Down smash - Slashes toward the ground in front of and behind him. Similar to Link's down smash. 12-16% first hit, 12-16% last hit


  • Ledge Attack: Flips up and kicks in a sweeping motion. 7%
  • Get-up Attack: Slashes to each side with his blades. 7%

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial - Spins both blades together in front of him, hitting multiple times. 9% when all hits connect
  • Forward aerial - Spins his blades in front of him, causing multiple hits of damage. 5%
  • Back aerial - Thrusts both blades behind him. 12%
  • Up aerial - Spins his blades together above his head, hitting multiple times. 10% when all hits connect
  • Down aerial - Slashes anyone underneath him. 10%

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel - Knees the opponent in their midsection. A very fast pummel. 2% each hit
  • Forward throw - Holds his opponent in front of him before slashing them away. 10%
  • Back throw - Twirls around with the enemy in tow, slamming them on the ground and launches the opponent backward. 8%
  • Up throw - Does a handstand and kicks the opponent with both feet. 11%
  • Down throw - Slams opponent on the ground. 6%

Special Moves

Dark Pit's Special Moves
Standard Special Silver Bow
Side Special Electroshock Arm
Up Special Power of Flight
Down Special Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash Dark Pit Staff

Dark Pit's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Piercing Bow Guiding Bow
Side Special Electrocut Arm Quickshock Arm
Up Special Striking Flight Breezy Flight
Down Special Impact Orbitars Amplifying Orbitars


  • Up Taunt: Waves his left blade in front of him and says, "Who wants some?"
  • Side Taunt: Spins his blades around and holds one of them forward in a threatening manner and says, "Watch out!".
  • Down Taunt: Slashes with his right blade and says, "Game on!".

In Competitive Play

To Be Added

Trophy Description

Dark Pit


Pit's mysterious, black-clad doppelgänger, Dark Pit. (Some call him Pittoo, but he really doesn't like that.) When he first appears, he immediately goes after both Pit and the Underworld Army. In Smash Bros., he uses moves a lot like Pit's, though both his bow and his Final Smash are different.

  • 3DS - Kid Icarus: Uprising (03/2012)

Dark Pit (Alt)

Dark Pit's Guardian Orbitars special puts up shields of light on either side of you to block attacks, deflect projectiles, and push back any enemies who are too close. You can even use the shields to protect against attacks from above and below. If they take too many hits, though, they'll vanish and become unusable for a while.

Alternate Costumes

Dark Pit Palette (SSB4)




  • Dark Pit is the second playable character to first appear as a palette swap; the first was Wario in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.
    • However, unlike Wario, Dark Pit was non-existent in Brawl since it predates his debut game Kid Icarus: Uprising, which was released four years after Brawl.
  • Dark Pit was hinted at in the Palutena reveal trailer, but was not fully confirmed for three months afterwards, just like Mr. Game & Watch in Pac-Man's reveal trailer.
  • Dark Pit is the only newcomer to not get his own reveal trailer, though he does appear briefly in Palutena's.
  • Dark Pit is the only character shown to use a Final Smash in his official artwork.
  • Dark Pit is the first, and so far, only playable dark/shadow doppelganger who is a separate character, since Shadow Mario is Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash, Dark Link and Dark Kirby are palette swaps, and Dark Samus is both a palette swap and an Assist Trophy.
  • Dark Pit is the first and only character that needs to be unlocked via All-Star Mode.
  • Dark Pit was originally planned to be an alternate costume for Pit, much like he was in Brawl, rather than being a playable character on his own, but became playable due to some differences with Pit.
  • Excluding taunts and victory poses, Dark Pit is the only clone character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U to share all of his animations with his base counterpart.

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