Counter Surge is Corrin's Down Special Move. Corrin enters in a defensive state. When activated upon receiving an attack, Corrin transforms into a dragon and slams down to create water pillars, dealing heavy damage. It is the most powerful true counter in the game.


The move is a counterattack, but it hits equally on both the left and right. It also has an upwards launch, so it can damage and launch opponents on both sides of Corrin.

Counter Surge is Corrin's run-of-the-mill counterattack, though it is very powerful and unique from other counters in its wide hitbox range and launch angle; it is a great kill move, but should not be spammed or Corrin will be easily punished.

Corrin's Special Moves
3DS/Wii U
Standard Special Dragon Fang Shot
Side Special Dragon Lunge
Up Special Draconic Ascent
Down Special Counter Surge
Final Smash Torrential Roar



  • This is the only Special Move of Corrin's that doesn't have the word "Dragon" in it.

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