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Under the Options menu, one can find a menu named "Controls". Upon entering this menu, you will be prompted to select one of your custom names or enter a new name. Once you've selected a name, you'll have the option to edit the controls for any of the four control schemes (Wii Remote, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Nintendo Gamecube controller, Virtual Console controller). For example, if you wanted to set Y to be a shield button rather than a jump button, all you would have to do is select the Y button and set it to "shield". If the control scheme you are editing is the same type of controller you are using during the edit, you may press the START/PAUSE (or +) button, which cannot be altered, to bring up a test area where you control Mario on a completely flat stage to test out new controls. Once you have completed editing your controls to your liking, you can save those controls to the custom name you have selected. Then, whenever you select that name in a match, your controls will become customized to what you set them to.

  • Note: when brawling online in a With Anyone match, your name will not appear onscreen, but selecting a custom name on the character selection screen will still use the custom controls.
DefaultWiiRemote DefaultNunchuk
Wii Remote (turned on its side) Wii Remote + Nunchuk
DefaultClassic DefaultGameCube
Classic Controller Nintendo GameCube Controller

Custom controls are used to perform many different techniques that would be more difficult or impossible to do otherwise. For example, B-Sticking is used in order to perform Lucas's Wavebounce and his Magnet Pull.

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