Continuing is the act of paying a predetermined number of coins, as well as half of the points earned in order to gain an extra set of lives in Single Player modes like the 1P Game, Classic Mode, Adventure Mode and All-Star Mode (after losing all their lives). It is generally frowned upon, and very few unlockables allow the player to continue. The player is not allowed to continue in Boss Battles Mode after using up their stock (and get an extra set of lives), as it is a Stadium game.

If the player selects "yes" for Classic and All-Star modes, these events occur:

  • The total score is divided in half.
  • The score gains one point for the amount of times the player continues.
  • The player will lose an amount of coins depending on the difficulty:
    • Easy - 10
    • Normal - 20
    • Hard - 40
    • Very Hard - 50
    • Intense - 100

If the player cleared any difficulties in Classic Mode, Adventure Mode and All-Star Mode by using continues, the player gets -20,000 points.

If the player chooses "Get Up" in the Subspace Emissary these events occur:

  • The player's number of stickers and trophies (also counts for Enemy-turned Trophies) is cut in half, although collectibles acquired from Orange Cubes and CDs are still in the player's collection.
  • Players will have to start all over again from the first door where he/she lost all of his/her stock.
  • The amount of coins for clearing that stage is deducted.

Otherwise, if the player selects "Back to Map" instead, the player will still keep some of the stickers and trophies collected.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

The trophy of the character you were using is knocked over. Provided the player has enough coins, they have a choice on choosing either "Yes" or "No". If the player picks "Yes", their score will be cut in half and they will subtract coins from the required amount. Their character's trophy will also get up. If they pick "No", the announcer will shout "Game Over", The eight letters will appear one at a time, and, by the "V", the character's trophy will disappear.

If the player doesn't have enough coins, then it will trigger a game over state. When the game is at an ending state, it will delete the continue animations from the screen making it to where it will not appear and the music along with the announcer voice won't play on the background. After their character's trophy fall down onto the table, the "No" events will be played.

If a player has encountered a Game Over with all fourteen starter characters used on classic or adventure modes, it will trigger an unlock challenge against Marth.

In Action Replay, if the player is using a character which is not meant to be played as, they will fall down as Mario's All-Star trophy. They will also need 40 coins to continue (regardless of the difficulty), unlike playable characters.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl's Classic Mode, the player's are taken to a screen with big pixels of grey and white with red text. Most events are similar to Melee, except for when "No" is picked, the announcer is quieter.

The player gets a Game Over immediately if they do not have enough coins or if they're playing Boss Battle mode.

In TSE, three of your character's trophies fall down and the player has the three choices listed above.

If the player picks "Quit", the screens scrolls up before the announcer says "Game Over". They are then asked if they want to save.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

In the start, it will show "Game Over", and then the continue section, in the bottom screen, it will show the balance of the Fighter Scale, and then gold will fall, while the character's trophy will be knocked over. Like in Kid Icarus: Uprising, the difficulty will be decreased unless they were playing on 2.0 or lower.

If the player picks "No", they are shown their final results.


  • Super Smash Bros. and The Subspace Emissary do not require coins to continue.