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Fox's neutral A combo

A combo is a sequence of attacks that is guaranteed (or very likely) to occur if the first attack hits the enemy. The exact definition of a combo may change from player to player. Some definitions may include:

  • Any sequence of attacks that keeps the opponent in hitstun
  • Any sequence of attacks that counts as a combo according to the combo counter (which allows for one consecutive frame of non-hitstun)
  • Any sequence of attacks that is very hard to DI (or in certain cases, tech) out of
  • Any sequence of attacks that cannot be DI'd out of if performed perfectly
  • Any sequence of attacks
  • A single attack that consists of multiple hits
  • Any sequence of attacks that prevent the opponent from landing (possibly by tech) or ledge-grabbing
  • Any attack that sends an opponent into a hazard and then leaves them vulnerable to other attacks

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