Solidarity Event Icon
Official description Pikmin and Lumas are all the family you need! Now go show those fancy "blood relative" families who's boss!
Character(s) used Olimar (P1) (1 stock)
Rosalina & Luma (P2) (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Mario (1 stock)
Luigi (1 stock)
Bowser (1 stock)
Bowser Jr. (1 stock)
Stage(s) Wuhu Island
Music Turbo Jet
Objective for Reward Clear on normal difficulty or higher within 90 seconds.
Reward Quick Batter Pumps
Availability Clear Scheming Sorcerer

Solidarity is a co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Player 1 controls Olimar while player 2 controls Rosalina & Luma. The players must initially defeat Mario and Luigi in a one-stock battle. After the two are defeated, Bowser and Bowser Jr. appears and the players must defeat them.


This event is unlocked by clearing Scheming Sorcerer. Completing the event unlocks the right path. Once both R.O.B. is unlocked and the event is completed, the down path is revealed.

Completing the event on normal difficulty or higher within 90 seconds awards a Quick Batter Pumps equipment.

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