Robots vs. Dragons
Robots vs. Dragons Event Icon
Official description Dragons have invaded the geothermal power plant! Good thing we've created a pair of combat robots for this very situation.
Character(s) used Mega Man (P1) (200 HP)
R.O.B. (P2) (200 HP)
Opponent(s) Giant Yoshi (200 HP)
Giant Charizard (200 HP)
Ridley (stage boss)
Stage(s) Pyrosphere
Music Vs. Meta Ridley
Objective for Reward Clear within 70 seconds.
Reward Double-Jump Boost Helmet
Availability *Clear Solidarity
*Unlock R.O.B.

Robots vs. Dragons is a co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Player 1 controls Mega Man while player 2 controls R.O.B.. The players must initially defeat a Giant Yoshi, a Giant Charizard, and Ridley in a 200 HP stamina battle.


This event is unlocked by unlocking R.O.B. and clearing Solidarity. Completing the event does not unlock any further paths.

Completing the event within 70 seconds awards a Double-Jump Boost Helmet equipment.

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