Final Battle Team-Up
Final Battle Team-Up Event Icon
Official description It's you against a veritable who's who of villainy! Give it all you've got, and win the final battle!
Character(s) used Choose (P1) (2 stocks)
Choose (P2) (2 stocks)
Opponent(s) Dark Link (1 stock)
Dark Samus (1 stock)
Dark Meta Knight (1 stock)
Dark Pit (1 stock)
Ganondorf (1 stock)
King Dedede (1 stock)
Bowser (1 stock)
Stage(s) Final Destination
Music Boss Battle Song 2 (Brawl)
Objective for Reward Clear the stage on hard difficulty.
Reward 5000G
Availability Clear An Offering of Coins

Final Battle Team-Up is a co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Both players must choose a character and take on playable antagonists as well as Dark Link and Dark Samus in their dark alternate costumes. Dark Meta Knight appears to have his navy alternate costume as well.


This event is unlocked by clearing An Offering of Coins. Completing the event on its own does not unlock any further paths. However, after both the event is completed and all characters are unlocked, the down path is revealed.

Upon clearing the event on hard difficulty the player is awarded with 5000G.


  • Wario and Bowser Jr. are the only playable antagonists to not appear in this event.
  • Meta Knight and Dark Pit appear as villains in this match, but they are both considered anti-heroes rather than villains (as the rest of the characters are). However, Meta Knight has the colours of Dark Meta Knight- his evil doppelganger from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror- for this match, implying that it may be based on him rather than the original.

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