1988 Event Icon
Official description DK and Diddy have gone back in time. Now Mario's angry at them for kidnapping Pauline...but he's got the wrong guys!
Character(s) used Donkey Kong (P1) (1 stock)
Diddy Kong (P2) (1 stock)
Opponent(s) 3 Marios (1 stock each)
Stage(s) 75m
Music Donkey Kong
Objective for Reward Clear within 60 seconds.
Reward Home-Run Bat Dash Mushroom
Availability Clear Getting Healthy

1988 is a co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Player 1 controls Donkey Kong and player 2 controls Diddy Kong. The object of the event is to defeat 3 Marios one at a time, with each Mario successively larger than the last. It is similar to Brawl's Co-Op Event 10: The R.O.B.'s of Tomorrow.


This event is unlocked by clearing the Getting Healthy event. Completing the event unlocks the right path.

Completing the event within 60 seconds awards a Home-Run Bat Dash Mushroom equipment.

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