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The Charge Shot is Samus's Neutral Special Move in the Super Smash Bros. series. Samus to start charging energy in her arm cannon, which she can store for later use.


When the attack has reached maximum strength, Samus will stop charging and resume her neutral standing position, but her arm cannon will start to flash. Pressing the Special Move button in this state will let her fire the fully charged shot. Alternatively, the player can press grab, shield, or move the control stick left or right to cancel the charge and/or dodge (or simply shield or grab), and pressing the button again will resume her charge. If Samus is hit while she's charging, she will lose the stored charge.

When used in the air, Samus cannot charge; she will automatically fire either a non-charged blast, or however big a shot was charged previously. A fully charged shot does 26% damage. The attack does great knockback at higher percents and is a deadly projectile for edgeguarding. A fully charged shot can also break a Smash Ball in one hit, but only 5 seconds after the Smash Ball appears.

In Melee, her Down Throw can be used to immobilize an opponent just long enough to allow a quickly fired Charge Shot to connect with the opponent. This method is highly effective against almost every character, the only exception being Young Link because of his high rebound height.

Custom Variations

In Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, Charge Shot can be customized to two other attacks.

Dense Charge Shot

Dense Charge Shot is Samus' Neutral Special Move that can be used via customization. Samus fires a bigger shot that does more damage, but goes slower and has less range.

Melee Charge Shot

Melee Charge Shot is Charge Shot's other customization. Samus fires a point-blank shot that is not a projectile, but its range will increase if charged.


If she didn't start out with it, the Charge Beam (as it is aptly called in all Metroid games, due to it being one, unlike in the Super Smash Bros. series, where it is depicted as a progressively larger ball of energy) was one of the first power-ups Samus would get in the Metroid games, starting with Super Metroid. A fully charged Beam's shot would become Samus' only way of damaging certain bosses should she run out of Missiles. In Metroid Prime, Charge Beams can be used to clear debris blocking Samus' path, or to suck in nearby Energy Balls and Ammo Energy, as well as being the starting point for Charge Combos such as with the Super Missile making a flamethrower. In none of these situations, Samus can save a charge for later as is done in the Super Smash Bros. series, though she can continue charging for any length of time (up to a limit) and just hold it (effectively working the same way) as well as begin charging while in motion or in the air, and charging much faster.

Charge Cancel

In Brawl, Samus is capable of interrupting the charge of the attack by pressing the shield button. Since it's possible to go directly into a jump while shielding, Charge Canceling can be used to fake out an opponent by allowing them to approach while charging, only to find themselves attacked by an aerial. Because the shield button was held down to cancel the shot, many players that are just learning the basics of this technique can only perform an aerial Grapple Beam afterwards, since they do not let go of the shield button quickly enough. However, with fast timing, it becomes possible to perform any action that is possible at any other given time that Samus would be airborne.

As an added bonus, the amount of time the Charge Shot had been charged is still retained after canceling via shield, just like if the player were to cancel it via a roll.

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