There are 105 Challenges currently in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which are divided into 3 groups that will be unlocked when certain conditions are met. Also, it differs from Brawl as the clue panels are also one panel vertical from the cleared one.

First Group

SSB3DSC001001 [Trophy] Toad Collect 30 or more unique Trophies
SSB3DSC002002 [Power] Lv. 1 Horizon Beam Place first in 1 or more Smash Run final battles.
SSB3DSC003003 [Trophy] EponaClear All-Star on Easy.
SSB3DSC004004 [Mii Headgear] Football Helmet Create 1 or more Mii Fighters in Custom
SSB3DSC005005 [Trophy] Peach + Birthday Girl Battle 3 or more times on the Rainbow Road stage in Smash
SSB3DSC006006 [Stage] Dream Land Use a Final Smash while playing as Kirby.
SSB3DSC007007 [Trophy] Bonkers Hit 300m/984 ft. or more in the Home-Run Contest.
SSB3DSC008008 [Special Move] Huge Header (Wii Fit Trainer) Get a max combo of 10 or more in Training
SSB3DSC009009 [Stage] Magicant Unlock the hidden character Ness.
SSB3DSC010010 [Power] Lv. 1 Strong Head Collect 5 unique custom headgear items.
SSB3DSC011011 [Pokémon] Xerneas Play Target Blast for the first time.
SSB3DSC012012 [Mii Headgear] Super Mushroom Hat Play Rival Smash for the first time
SSB3DSC013013 [Special Move] Lightning Falcon Kick (Captain Falcon) Play StreetSmash for the first time.
SSB3DSC014014 [Special Move] Liftoff Lloid (Villager) Battle 2 or more times on the Tortimer Island stage in Smash
SSB3DSC015015 [Power] Lv. 2 Reflector Collect 10 or more types of Smash Run Powers
SSB3DSC016016 [Trophy] Timmy & Tommy Play Trophy Smash for the first time
SSB3DSC017017 [Stage] PAC-MAZE Use a Final Smash while playing as PAC-MAN.
SSB3DSC018018 [Trophy] Home-Run Bat Play Home-Run Contest for the first time.
SSB3DSC019019 [Trophy] Cragalanche the Mighty Battle 3 or more times on the Reset Bomb Forest stage in Smash.
SSB3DSC020020 [Stage] Mute City Win 3 Smash battles with Captain Falcon
SSB3DSC021021 [Trophy] Dark Pit Staff Unlock the hidden character Dark Pit.
SSB3DSC022022 [Music] Master Hand Complete Classic on intensity 3.0 or higher
SSB3DSC023023 [Stage] WarioWare, Inc. Unlock the hidden character Wario
SSB3DSC024024 [Pokémon] Victini Play 100-Man Smash for the first time
SSB3DSC025025 [Stage] Balloon Fight Use Villager 3 or more times in Smash.
SSB3DSC026026 [Pokémon] Genesect Play Endless Smash for the first time
SSB3DSC027027 [Pokémon] Zoroark Clear 10-Man Smash
SSB3DSC028028 [Trophy] Karate Joe Get at least 20 KOs in 3-Minute Smash.
SSB3DSC029029 [Special Move] Giant Bomb (Link) Destroy 300 blocks in Trophy Rush
SSB3DSC030030 [Mii Headgear] Luigi's Cap Win 3 Smash Battles with Luigi
SSB3DSC031031 [Trophy] Mr. Saturn Win 2 Smash Battles with Ness
SSB3DSC032032 [Mii Headgear] Spiny Hat Play Cruel Smash for the first time
SSB3DSC033033 [Power] Lv. 1 Strong Body Collect 3 unique custom outfits
SSB3DSC034034 [Mii Headgear] Princess Zelda Wig Win 2 Smash battles with Zelda
SSB3DSC035035 [Trophy] Blast Box Score 100000 or more in Target Blast

Note: Completing this page and unlocking Mr. Game and Watch grants access to Flat Zone 2.

Second Group

SSB3DSC036036 [Power] Lv. 2 Spinning Blades Place first in Smash Run final battles with 5 different fighters
SSB3DSC037037 [Equipment] Beam Sword Agility Badge Get a max combo of 40 or more in Training
SSB3DSC038038 [Music] Menu 2 (Melee) Unlock all playable fighters
SSB3DSC039039 [Equipment] Sprinter Agility Badge Create 3 custom characters in Custom
SSB3DSC040040 [Special Move] Close Combat (Ike) Destroy 1000 blocks in Trophy Rush
SSB3DSC041041 [Equipment] Hyper Smasher Brawn Badge Get 100 KOs in Smash
SSB3DSC042042 [Trophy] Redd Collect 150 or more unique Trophies
SSB3DSC043043 [Trophy] King Bob-omb Have a total high score of over 2000000 between all fighters in Target Blast
SSB3DSC044044 [Power] Lv. 2 Shinespark Get a total of 5 hits in StreetSmash
SSB3DSC045045 [Equipment] KO Healer Protection Badge Get 10 or more KOs in a single Rival Smash
SSB3DSC046046 [Trophy] Golden Retriever Battle 3 or more times on the Living Room stage in Smash
SSB3DSC047047 [Trophy] Mugly Get 10 KOs by knocking foes into other foes in StreetSmash
SSB3DSC048048 [Power] Lv. 2 Instant Drop Obtain 25 types of Smash Run Powers
SSB3DSC049049 [Equipment] Auto-Healer Brawn Badge Clear 100-Man Smash
SSB3DSC050050 [Music] Credits Reveal 99% of the wall during the staff credits
SSB3DSC051051 [Trophy] Master Hand Clear Classic with five characters
SSB3DSC052052 [Trophy] Dark Emperor Battle 3 or more times on the Find Mii stage in Smash
SSB3DSC053053 [Special Move] High-Speed Drill (Meta Knight) Win 5 Smash battles with Meta Knight
SSB3DSC054054 [Stage] Flat Zone 2 Unlock the hidden character Mr. Game & Watch
SSB3DSC055055 [Music] Master Core Defeat Master Core
SSB3DSC056056 [Equipment] First Striker Agility Badge Get 20 or more KOs by countering in StreetSmash
SSB3DSC057057 [Equipment] Home-Run Bat Agility Badge Hit Sandbag 600m/1968 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest
SSB3DSC058058 [Trophy] Fire Stingray Get 30 or more KOs in Endless Smash
SSB3DSC059059 [Power] Lv. 2 Horizon Beam Play Smash Run 5 times
SSB3DSC060060 [Trophy] Tortimer Island Unlock every stage
SSB3DSC061061 [Trophy] Knuckle Joe Play 10 collective hours of Smash (Total gameplay x participants)
SSB3DSC062062 [Mii Headgear] Samus's Helmet Win 10 Smash battles with Samus
SSB3DSC063063 [Equipment] Smash Ball Attractor Agility Badge Collect 15 unique special moves
SSB3DSC064064 [Mii Headgear] Spartan Helmet Collect 5 unique custom outfits
SSB3DSC065065 [Equipment] Critical Hitter Brawn Badge Get 300 KOs in Smash
SSB3DSC066066 [Equipment] Quick Batter Brawn Badge Play Home-Run Contest with 15 or more fighters
SSB3DSC067067 [Mii Headgear] Top Hat Create 8 or more Mii Fighters in Custom
SSB3DSC068068 [Mii Outfit] Plate Armor Collect 10 unique custom headgear items
SSB3DSC069069 [Trophy] Medusa, Queen of the Underworld Complete All-Star on Normal
SSB3DSC070070 [Pokémon] Meloetta Have the game on for more than 8 hours

Third Group

SSB3DSC071071 [Trophy] Mamorigami Clear Classic on intensity 9.0 or higher
SSB3DSC072072 [Power] Lv. 3 Ore Club Hit Sandbag 1000m/3280 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest
SSB3DSC073073 [Power] Lv. 3 Dual Cyclone Place first in 20 or more Smash Run final battles
SSB3DSC074074 [Equipment] Air Defender Protection Badge Create 10 custom characters in Custom
SSB3DSC075075[Power] Lv. 3 Health Recovery Get 50 or more KOs in a single Rival Smash
SSB3DSC076076 [Equipment] Crouch Healer Protection Badge Get at least 110 KOs in 3-Minute Smash
SSB3DSC077077[Trophy] Miki Obtain all custom outfits, headgear, and special moves
SSB3DSC078078 [Special Move] Exploding Popgun (Diddy Kong) Destroy 3000 blocks in Trophy Rush
SSB3DSC079079[Trophy] Crazy Hand Clear Classic with all fighters
SSB3DSC080080 [Special Move] Effortless Blade (Marth) Clear 100-Man Smash within 3 minutes
SSB3DSC081081 [Equipment] Speed Walker Brawn Badge Walk at least 50km/31 miles total between all fighters
SSB3DSC082082 [Equipment] Quick Smasher Protection Badge Clear 10-Man Smash within 20 seconds
SSB3DSC083083 [Equipment] Leaper Agility Badge Get a max combo of 400 or more between all fighters in Training
SSB3DSC084084 [Mii Headgear] King's Crown Clear All-Star with all fighters
SSB3DSC085085 [Mii Outfit] Steampunk Getup Destroy all red targets in Target Blast
SSB3DSC086086 [Trophy] Sandbag Reach a total of 15000m/49212 ft. in the Home-Run Contest between all fighters' high scores
SSB3DSC087087 [Trophy] Luigi (Poltergust) Collect 500 or more unique trophies
SSB3DSC088088 [Trophy] Kat & Ana Clear Solo 10-Man Smash with all fighters
SSB3DSC089089 [Special Move] Explosive Punch (Mario) Score 200000 or more in Target Blast
SSB3DSC090090 [Trophy] Shadow Clear Solo 100-Man Smash with all fighters
SSB3DSC091091 [Trophy] Color TV-Game 15 Play 50 collective hours of Smash (Total gameplay x participants)
SSB3DSC092092 [Power] Lv. 3 Shuffle Place first in Smash Run final battles with all fighters
SSB3DSC093093 [Power] Lv. 3 High Jump Jump at least 10km/6 miles total between all fighters
SSB3DSC094094 [Trophy] Dark Train Play Target Blast with all fighters
SSB3DSC095095 [Trophy] Koopa Troopa (Green) Get 20 KOs by knocking foes into other foes in StreetSmash
SSB3DSC096096 [Mii Outfit] Protective Gear Get a max combo of 100 or more in Training
SSB3DSC097097 [Mii Headgear] Princess's Crown Have the game on for more than 20 hours
SSB3DSC098098 [Mii Headgear] Lion Hat Get 4 or more KOs in Cruel Smash
SSB3DSC099099[Trophy] Nintendoji Clear All-Star on Hard
SSB3DSC100100 [Equipment] Moon Launcher Brawn Badge Get 1000 KOs in Smash
SSB3DSC101101 [Equipment] Shield Exploder Protection Badge Get 2 or more KOs in Cruel Smash
SSB3DSC102102 [Power] Lv. 3 Launch Ring Get 200 or more KOs in Endless Smash
SSB3DSC103103 [Mii Headgear] Prince's Crown Collect all Smash Run Powers
SSB3DSC104104 [Music] All-Star Rest Area Clear All-Star with 15 fighters
SSB3DSC105105 [Trophy] Wentworth Collect 600 or more unique trophies


Bonus 01[Trophy] Super StarPage 01 Complete
Bonus 02[Trophy] Tutorial PigPage 02 Complete
Bonus 03[Trophy] Gold Bone Page 03 Complete

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