Celestial Firework is one of Palutena's Down Special Moves. Palutena sends a firecracker up in front of her, and the firecracker will explode in midair. Any opponent caught by the firecracker will be dragged by it until it explodes. The move has a moment of invincibility right after firing the firework.



  • Invincible at start
  • Juggling tool
  • Combo starter
  • Can punish frontal approaches
  • Kill set-up
  • Edge-guarding tool


  • Low damage
  • Small hitbox

Celestial Firework has multiple uses. It is a combo starter, launching opponents into the air to be followed up with an aerial attack. It can juggle opponents in the air as well. The move is also a kill set-up, as up aerial is a kill move. The move itself deals low damage but has invincibility frames at the start, allowing it to punish frontal approaches as enemy attacks pass through Palutena and are then countered by the firework. The firework does have a small hitbox when it is first going up though, which can make it difficult to hit opponents with. Palutena can also use this move on the edge to punish opponents trying to recover high.


Celestial Firework was a power in Kid Icarus: Uprising that was only available in Together mode. In Uprising the firework was much larger and could be used to signal teammates as well as inflict damage. In Uprising there was also a few invincibility frames at the start of the animation, which actually carried over into Smash 4.


Palutena's Special Moves
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
Standard Special Autoreticle Explosive Flame Heavenly Light
Side Special Reflect Barrier Angelic Missile Super Speed
Up Special Warp Jump Glide Rocket Jump
Down Special Counter Lightweight Celestial Firework
Final Smash Black Hole Laser