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Brawl Red Bulborb
Red Bulborb.

Red Bulborbs are one of the Pikmin's most common predator. They populate the Distant Planet, and are found in almost every area (at dusk and day). They are red balls with yellow snouts, two eye stalks with eyes, and scrawny, chicken-like legs. They attack Pikmin by devouring them. There are many subspecies of Bulborb, including Bulblaxes, Bulbears, and Waterdumples.

Role in Brawl

Red Bulborbs have a minor role in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They appear on the stage, Distant Planet, as a part of the background, and as a stage hazard. They will randomly appear on the right side of the stage and open their wide mouths, devouring any unluckily brawler. They sometimes will stand there, looking about, and give the players an extra platform. However, if they linger on the Red Bulborb, it will quickly run off screen or Chomp on them, bringing the player(s) to their deaths.

In Captain Olimar's Final Smash, End of Day, dusk will fall and Olimar will enter his ship to escape the predators of the planet. When Olimar leaves the stage, Red Bulborbs will constantly attack the players that remain on the field. However, characters like R.O.B and Pit may be able to escape the furious attacks of the Red Bulborbs by using their Up Special moves.

Trophy description

A creature whose Japanese name translates as "spotted crimson bug-eye." These bulky nocturnal animals have white-and-red-flecked rumps that resemble strawberries. Red bulborbs sleep in the day and wake in the evening to feed on small animals. Several colors of bulborb subspecies have been discovered--their classification is a hot subject for scholars.
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