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  • Plasmaster

    The Penguin Waddles In!

    February 17, 2017 by Plasmaster

    Hey guys, Plasmaster here. I had been working on this moveset and then I forgot about it for a little while, and then I recently found out that Club Penguin is closing. I think this was a good time to finish up this moveset. It's a bit of a joke character, but it was still fun to make this moveset nonetheless, and I actually got a little nostalgic while making it. I hope you enjoy it, all comments and feedback is much appreciated, and without further ado, here it is!

    • No. of Jumps: 2
    • Wall Jump: N
    • Wall Cling: N
    • Tether Recovery?: N
    • Float?: N
    • Crawl?: N

    ◾Normal A- The Penguin takes out their Spy Phone which attacks forwards with the Comb gadget. 2%

    ◾Up Tilt- The Penguin holds up a tour sign over their head. 10%

    ◾Down Tilt- The Penguin kicks a hockey puc…

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  • The shy platypi

    We're already at the mid tiers. Low-Mid, albeit, but I only think of six characters as being low tiers. Weird, huh? Before I start, I just want to reiterate (I can't say this enough) that the numberings of the characters don't matter. I have some weird characters that are technically bottom 10, but they're technically only mid tiers. I hope you guys will continue to find this interesting. From what I can figure, I think this'll be eleven parts (if I planned everything out accordingly). Boy, I hope I don't get crazy bored once we get to the top tiers; I have fun writing about the low tiers...

    Right. The blog:

    Once upon a time, I used to think that this character was by far the most underrated in the game and had top 20 potential. Well, I lear…

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  • Riku434

    Riku434's new tier list

    February 11, 2017 by Riku434

    . S tier - Mario would've not been top 3 if he didn't have amazing results such as 1st place on EVO 2016 and CEO 2016. Diddy and Sheik have the best neutrals in the game and get amazing results compared to the rest of the cast.

    A tier - Rosalina, while still a pretty solid character, she doesn't get as much amazing results like the S tier characters do. Marth has been doing well with players such as MKleo and Pugwest. MKleo made 1st place in Genesis 4 and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga with Marth, making him top 10. Ryu doesn't get significant results as much anymore but he still can do well with his amazing combo game, so he's the last character in top 10.

    B tier - Villager isn't top 15 because his neutral is predictable and can be dealt with if the playe…

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  • Lasatar

    Kat shifts into battle.

    February 10, 2017 by Lasatar

    Yes, I know, it’s been a while, but I couldn’t decided on what moveset I’d do next. Recently, however, I purchased Gravity Rush 2, which I’ve been playing quite a lot of. So obviously, I was inspired to make a moveset for Gravity Rush’s protagonist Kat. So here you are; a moveset for Kat.

    Kat has a unique play style, focused around her Up Special, which allows her to shift gravity in various directions. With good use of this, a player can use the battlefield itself to their advantage in addition to just using it to move around. It should be noted, however, that all gravity type attacks (special moves, grab, etc.), will drain some of the Gravity Gauge next to Kat’s portrait. If it is depleted, you will be unable to use those techniques any m…

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  • RockDLN.1

    Red (Angry Birds)

    February 9, 2017 by RockDLN.1

    I thought this might be a good subject because apparently I'm insane.
    Costumes: change colors to match Chuck, Blues, Bomb, Matilda, Terrence, Bubbles, Hal, Stella, and Space Red.
    Entrance: he flies onto the stage, popping a pig.
    Attack: a quick, badly ranged peck.
    Side Attack: a tackle
    Dash Attack: a rushing peck with the sound effect of Chuck speeding.
    Up attack: a jumping headbutt.
    Down Attack: a downward rush peck.
    Side Smash: A Bomb spawns next to Red and explodes.
    Up Smash: A Blue bird flies upward, splits into three, then falls.
    Down Smash: An Ice bird explodes and freezes the ground under Red. This ground freezes opponents who touch it.
    Neutral Air: Red flips in place, similar to Wolf's.
    Forward Air: a forward tail sweep.
    Back Air: spins similar…

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  • The shy platypi

    Tier lists. They're practical. They're interesting. They're controversial. They're trigger inducers. Whatever the case, there's been multiple different versions across every single game. My personal opinion? I hate them. I hate how some people worship them and look down on anybody who doesn't main Diddy Kong, Cloud, or Sheik. Those people really chap my hide. Nonetheless, I'm intrigued by them. I've made several tiers for Sm4sh over the past two years, but I think this is probably the best one I've made yet. And the weirdest. However, I have to get two things out of the way before we get this show rolling. One, try to focus on the tiers. Not the number. Yes, technically Little Mac is bottom 10, but he's simply just Low-Mid. This is a tier l…

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  • RockDLN.1

    These are the obvious differences between Mario and Weegee. I don't know, I just felt like writing this. -Different idle animations, jump animations, and animations in general. -Luigi's third neutral combo is a hip-bump, Mario's is a jump kick. -Luigi's dash attack sis a slow, well-ranged multihit jab, while Mario's is a slide. -Luigi's up attack is a slap instead of Mario's uppercut. -Luigi's down attack is a turn, then outstretch leg, while Mario has a lazy half circle kick. -Luigi's side smash is a poke instead of Mario's flame palm. -Luigi's n-air launches straight up -Luigi's f-air is a fast slap, Mario's is a slow hammerfist that spikes. -Luigi's down air is one hit and meteor smashes, Mario's is multihit and launches diagonally. -Lu…

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  • WaterWolfGlace

    So first the rules of this smash tournament.

    Matches will be posted on YouTube at this channel:

    1. All items enabled.

    2. 5 stocks.

    3. Time Limit: 3 minutes

    4. Random battlefield.

    5. CPUs set to Lv. 9.

    6. No customizations.

    7. 1 winner from the match-ups will move on to the winner's bracket while the 3 losers move to the loser's bracket for a 2nd chance.

    8. All match-ups after Beginner's Round will be 1V1 matches.

    9. No DLC characters involved.

    (All match-ups were randomized)

    So now the match-ups.


    1st Match: Bowser VS Greninja VS Rosalina & Luma VS Zero Suit Samus

    2nd Match: Samus VS King Dedede VS Villager VS Wii Fit Trainer

    3rd Match: Charizard VS Pikachu VS Jigglypuff VS Little Mac

    4th Match: Mr. Game & Watch VS Pit VS Palutena VS Wario


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  • Plasmaster

    Seth Rides Into Battle!

    January 20, 2017 by Plasmaster

    With the recent Fire Emblem Direct, I decided to post this moveset for another Fire Emblem character, the jaigen of my favorite Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Seth. Seth is unique in that he rides on his horse in battle, which made for an interesting moveset to say the least.

    Seth fights while riding on his horse, making him a bit of a joke character.

    • No. of Jumps: 2
    • Wall Jump: N
    • Wall Cling: N
    • Tether Recovery?: N
    • Float?: N
    • Crawl?: N

    ◾Normal A- Seth kicks forth with a foot and then swings his sword in a downwards arc. 4%, 6%

    ◾Up Tilt- Seth swings his lance overhead. 10%

    ◾Down Tilt- Seth stabs the lance low to the ground. 8%

    ◾Forward Tilt- Seth swings his sword forwards. 10%

    ◾Up - Seth's horse rears up as Seth swings his sword overhead. 26…

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  • Plasmaster

    Hey Smashers! Welcome back to the Super Smash Bros. strategy guide blog series, Smash Study Hall! Plasmaster here.

    Well, I haven't made one of these in a while. I'd really like to bring this series back, and I thought that a nice way to do it would be to make the post I hinted at in my last installment where I wrote a guide about everyone's favorite pink puff ball, Kirby! Unless your favorite is Jigglypuff in which case...*ahem* but that's besides the point! This post will go in-depth on the different ways Kirby can use the copy abilities of his enemies in Smash 4, and which ones are most beneficial to him.

    The ones that will be most beneficial to Kirby are ones that give him one or more of the following: horizontal aerial movement since he …

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