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  • Plasmaster

    Super Smash Con 2017

    April 15, 2017 by Plasmaster

    Hey Smashers! I am already excited for Smash Con this year, I had such a great time last year. My friend Nyan and I are competing in doubles; while we might not make it very far at all, I am still excited to compete. Are any of you going to Smash Con this year? It would be really cool to meet some of you guys there if you are.

    Last year I got my 2DS signed by Alpharad, Etika, and a lot of top-level Smash players, but the signatures have all since faded away, so I'm hoping to get something else signed that will be more permanent. Last year I also had a whale of a time playing Super Smash Flash 2, and I am very eager to play that again because I had a lot of fun with it last time and also met some really cool people. If you are going to go th…

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  • Smasher51

    Hello everyone. So, I disappeared again (I seem to be better at that than playing Smash). But I want to try and be more active as the school year winds down.

    So, to start, I wanted to create an online tournament for all of Smashpedia, to be played on April 15th from 12 to 6 (depending on how tournaments work online; I haven't done this before). It will be done in For Glory style. Miis will be allowed, but custom fighters will not be allowed. The tournament will be called Smashpedia, and the password is Smasher51. To sign up, please place in a comment your username, your Wii U username, and if you want, your tag. Essentially, set it up like this:

    Username: Smasher51

    Wii U User: Ablex (This may also help you find the tournament information)


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  • AU1 San

    These characters bring an interesting combination of moves and skills to the Smash Bros. environment, and although most of them are slower characters, their KO abilities are usually higher than that of their opponents. Marth, for example, is one of the higher tier characters, and has an excellent KO ability and moveset, with a fairly high speed. He is very useful in battling most opponents. In my opinion, this set of characters is probably the most proficient at brawling, and have become crucial to the popularity and versatility of the game.

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  • PSI Fire
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  • Thecoolone19970

    did you miss me

    April 9, 2017 by Thecoolone19970

    after a year in the sandbox called syria i have cellebrated xmas there xmas truce modern style well am back after a year pullin knifes shooting form helicopter with ride of the valkyris in the back and piss on a dead isis terrorist i have on my leg a scar form a bullet happy 2017 folks

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  • LittleRuto

    I've never been to a tournament for smash..I'm quite scared honestly. I practice against my friends all the time so I'm not sure if that will help advice someone could give?? ^-^;

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  • Lasatar

    Almost a year ago now, Kirbimiroir posted a blog titled "New Boss Battles". I feel like this blog was underappreciated, so I've decided to revive it. Post in the comments new boss battles that you want to see added. You don't have to go into too much detail, but the more, the better.

    Make sure your comments follow this format:

    Name: Insert the name of your boss here

    Appears in: Insert the name of the game your boss comes from

    Music: Insert the music that plays when you fight your boss. Ideally with a link to a YouTube video of the music.

    Fought by: This isn't required, but imagining that your boss is in Adventure Mode, which characters would fight it? You could simply insert a single character + their companions, or assuming you've thought it out …

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  • LittleRuto


    March 27, 2017 by LittleRuto

    Smash can get pretty boring right? I honestly think that skin mods is what really makes smash funner. Playing smash without mods just seems so plain. I mean I don't want to sound greedy but...More skins please! ^-^;

    I've been watching a lot of trash4 videos and I've seen some really interesting skins. An example...Ganondorf having his old classic Ocarina Of Time skin.

    And uh...I can't really get mods because my wiiu gamepad is broke. And I'm lacking the money to replace it.

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Well, as most of you probably know, I made a review of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (what? Cloud's been made playable in Smash Brothers!) on this wiki. Here, I'm going to do something a bit different - my in-depth review on a game I recently finished, that being the 2011 3DS Masterpiece that is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

    Also, side note - I am specifically talking about the 3DS version and not the N64 version, both because I haven't played the N64 Version and, to be fair, the 3DS version's visual style is SO MUCH BETTER than the one used in the N64 version. But anyway, let's begin!

    The Story

    Basically, a young Kokiri boy (i.e. the player character) ends up being given a fairy named Navi and finds himself going inside the Deku Tree to …

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Of all the things to exist in Smash 4, one of the things that I cannot stand would be the Tier Lists. These things are really, really questionable. I mean, everyone knows by now that Meta Knight back in Brawl was apparently so broken that people were banned from having teams of two Meta Knights in online play, but I played as him in the Subspace Emissary and found him to be absolutely terrible. But that's not at all the worst part.

    I mean, for starters, why are the downloadable characters on the Tier List? Surely you shouldn't count them as they cost real money? Secondly, there's the questionable placements. And no, I'm not taking about Diddy being #2 on Smash 4's newest and most questionable tier list. I'm talking about the fact that...


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