• BlackBismuth

    Hi i am Black Bismuth, and this is my new blog, of wich character may become a newcomer for the next Super Smash Bros. Here's the statuses and the percentage of how high/low are the chances of a certain character joining smash:

    • Very Likely - Over 75%
    • Likely - 50%-75%
    • Maybe - 50%
    • Unlikely - 25%-50%
    • Very Unlikely - Less than 25%
    • Disconfirmed - 0%

    So, you can suggest who i'm analysing next.

    Status: Very Unlikely

    Not a surprise, as much as i hate saying this, Ridley is likely never coming to Smash. As much as people complain and beg to Sakurai, he won't put RIdley in smash because "Ridley is too big", it doesn't really make much sense, for example, Bowser and Ganondorf should be bigger and Olimar should be tiny, but Sakurai decided to change their size …

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  • IggyKoopa408

    As in all Smash Bros games, items return. However, there are only a few new items added to this game; some I find to be good and some are okay, but the rest are what I find to be the WORST items to ever be new to a Smash Bros game.

    First, let's go to the new items that I find to be good.

    • Bullet Bill
    • Super Leaf
    • Ore Club
    • Killer Eye
    • Fire Bar
    • Drill Arm
    • Beetle
    • Bombchu
    • Beehive
    • Daybreak
    • Fairy Bottle
    • Master Ball

    Now let's move onto the Okay items.

    • Cucco
    • Hotcotate Bomb
    • X Bomb
    • Back Shield
    • Rocket Belt

    Finally, let's get to the items that I find to be the WORST items to ever be new to a Smash Bros game.

    • POW Block
    • Boomerang
    • Blue Shell
    • Gust Bellows
    • Steel Driver
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  • IggyKoopa408

    It's time to get back to Smash Bros Items and their uses! Let's move onto the Top 10 Most Useful and Most Useless Smash Bros Items. For the even numbers, there will be the Top 10 most useful items. For the odd numbers, there will be the Top 10 most useless items.

    The Banana is useless. This item allows you to place it somewhere on the course and let other people slip on it. The problem with this item is that slipping on a Banana does very little damage.

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Main Fortunes

    August 3, 2017 by KirbiMiroir

    Say up to four of your mains and what you like about them, and people can analyse your play style based on what you say.

    Hi! I'm KirbiMiroir! (talk) 14:44, August 3, 2017 (UTC)

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    Hi everyone. Jimboy here with a blog regarding the rumored Switch port of Super Smash Bros 4. Or is it a sequel? Yup, that's right. There is a possibility that Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch is a completely new game rather than just a port. The rumor first came about when the Switch was still known as the NX. The rumor came about once again when the NX was revealed as the Switch, saying that it would come with all the DLC of the 3DS/Wii U version. However, this rumored port was not shown at the Nintendo Switch Event in January. This led many people to believe that the port would be shown at E3. However, E3 came and went without a single sign of Smash Bros. So where does that take us now? Well, shortly after E3, Nintendo said that the…

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Assist Trophy Ideas

    August 1, 2017 by KirbiMiroir

    Use this blog to come up with assist trophies! You can all feel free to add your ideas. Just don't add any all-effective Assist Trophies (like the Nintendog) or else you can FIGHT ME.

    Here are some starter ideas!

    • Viridi (Kid Icarus Uprising): A red energy pillar surrounds a random enemy, and tiny Reset Bombs rain down on them a few seconds later. Difficult to avoid, but no knockback.
    • Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles): Summons a creature who raises one of the Summoner's stats.

    Hi! I'm KirbiMiroir! (talk) 07:16, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Plasmaster

    Hey Smashers, Plasmaster here with a pretty cool announcement.

    I have created a Discord server for Smashpedia! You can join by following this link.

    The server includes a memes channel, roleplaying channel, two channels for 3DS and Wii U players to arrange friendly matches, and more. Soon there will also be a jukebox voice channel where users can listen to music tracks and remixes and even request for music of their choice to be played. The server will also soon hold monthly 3DS and Wii U tournaments for members of the server to participate and compete in.

    I look forward to seeing you all there! Happy Smashing!

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  • TheFloweyKing

    My other new wiki

    July 30, 2017 by TheFloweyKing

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  • ChristinaGrimmieLove

    The views in this blog are distributed by an awkward piece of s**t. If this blog is cringy, no worries; you can always click off.

    Okay, guys; believe it or not, I've some experience with Super Smash Bros., including purposely running off the edge of a stage in the event of having my ass kicked. The most common way of people communicating in this game is talking, correct? Sure, that's right, but what if you're like me and you're very anti-social? You can always try a special kind of sign language that'll somewhat be remembered: Smash Bros. Bodily Sign Language. Now this information is sacred and will not work once you spread it yourself, so don't tell anybody or you're f**ked.

    Failure to perform these correctly results in getting your ass kick…

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  • TheFloweyKing

    My new wiki

    July 18, 2017 by TheFloweyKing

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