• Cloverfield monster

    One thing that surprised me about the Smash community was the surprisingly high demand for a Smash Bros cartoon series. I always assumed that people would think it was the worst idea ever, but I did not expect so many people to want a Smash Bros. TV series. So, in response to this, I decided to try my luck and come up with a couple ideas for episodes if hypothetically Nintendo ever went forward with a Smash Bros TV series, in no particular order of continuity. I'll do my best.

    Mario accidentally loses his iconic. This is problematic because to Mario, it represents everything that he is and the other Smashers literally think he's a different person because he's not wearing his hat, believing him to be a total stranger. In order to put a stop…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    So, Ubisoft just announced that they are making a Mario game that is a crossover with Raving Rabbids. I saw the trailer for it, and it is one of the stupidest, weirdest and craziest ideas I've ever heard...and I LOVE IT! I just can't help but fall in love with it. It's such an oddball concept that I kind of want to play it now.

    So, I'm going to be giving Nintendo even more ideas for nonsensical, ridiculous crossovers. Here are some now.

    These are pretty much GUARANTEED to be MASTERPIECES!

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  • Plasmaster

    Nintendo E3

    June 13, 2017 by Plasmaster

    Hey Smashers! Nintendo E3 just kicked off today and there were many amazing game announcements.

    First off, they showed a lot more about Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which I am particularly excited for.

    Then of course they revealed more about Super Mario Odyssey, and while I myself will not be getting that game, I really liked the Capture mechanic they introduced.

    There was a new Kirby announced as well, and it seems to borrow mechanics from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards with combining powers, as well as the Helper mechanic from Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra.

    Some Breath of the Wild DLC packs were also shown off, though nothing in particular really caught my eye, personally.

    (There was a new Yoshi title too but I don't like Yoshi so...)

    Fire Em…

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  • MetaBigley101

    I made both the cover art and the roster for Melee 1000 times better.

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  • Dio the Ludicolo

    Here are some ideas I have for items and stages.

    Pokémon Tower (Pokémon)

    I think Pokémon Tower would be similar to the Tomodachi Life stage. The top few floors would be visible, and you could battle on the top of it. When you enter the floors below, the interior is seen. The interior has gravestones, which can be broken to reveal a Ghost. The Ghost stays in the place of the gravestone, and does damage to whoever walks into it, thus acting like Green Hill Zone's checkpoints. They will eventually disappear and their gravestone will reform. In the Omega version of the stage, you fight on top of the tower, and the ghosts fly around in the background, watching.

    Distortion World (Pokémon)

    Distortion World would be a stage that relies heavily on floa…

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  • SilverthehedgehogMan

    I'm back after a couple years and it's time I start talking about something. Even though we don't know anything about any future installments of Smash, I still thought it would be nice to talk about who could possibly return in future Smash installments. Obviously, we'll have a lot of newcomers, but we often think about who will or will not return. This is inspired by something that someone did on another wiki and I figured I would do something similar here, but with Smash obviously. Also, don't let this blog make you believe that another game is in the making, because we don't know anything right now, I'm just doing this for fun.

    Here's how it will work. I'm going to use the same scale that my inspiration used to analyze who is more l…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    So, as the title pretty much suggests, this is me coming up with ideas for what I think would be interesting alternate skins for different characters in Smash Bros. Like if you could choose these skins in the character select screen. I wish I could've come up with a more creative introduction for this blog, but I couldn't. Oh, well. Maybe I'll do better next time. Either way, without further ado, let me show you what I have in mind. I may update this whenever I get the chance, so keep an eye out.

    And that's all the ideas I got for now. Once again, I hope to update this when I have the chance, so tell me if you think this is a cool idea or not.

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    super smash memes final smashes (not all)

    • weegee -godweegee
    • sanic -grapedanksanic
    • robbie rotten -we are number one
    • smugleaf
    • asdfguy -ultimateasdf
    • grand dad -fleenstone army
    • dolan
    • spoderman -spoder army
    • gooby
    • flowey -photoshop flowey
    • mimikyu -under the disguise
    • guzma -team skull
    • sans -bad time
    • alolan exeggutor -dragon hammer
    • garfelf
    • lolcats -CATZZZZ
    • nyancat -nyanstorm
    • paper mario -black bowser castle
    • idubbbz -im gay
    • mudkip - U LIEK MEH
    • nebby -bag
    • spongegar
    • spongebill
    • mr. krabs -oh yeah!
    • moar krabz -monehs
    • illuminati -666
    • robloxian -roblox death sound
    • mettaton -mettaton NEO
    • TF2 engineer -nope.avi
    • muffet
    • pootis -pootis spenser here
    • zero2
    • hitler -nazis
    • stingy - MINE MINE MINE
    • the king -dinnerblaster
    • CDI ganon
    • CDI link
    • Y U NO…
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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    super smash memes roster

    • weegee
    • sanic
    • robbie rotten
    • smugleaf
    • asdfguy
    • grand dad
    • dolan
    • spoderman
    • gooby
    • flowey
    • mimikyu
    • guzma
    • sans
    • alolan exeggutor
    • garfelf
    • lolcats
    • nyancat
    • king dedede
    • paper mario
    • idubbbz
    • mudkip
    • nebby
    • spongegar
    • spongebill
    • mr. krabs
    • moar krabz
    • illuminati
    • robloxian
    • mettaton
    • TF2 engineer
    • muffet
    • pootis
    • zero2
    • hitler
    • stingy
    • the king
    • CDI ganon
    • CDI link
    • Y U NO guy
    • rage guy
    • trollface
    • pingas
    • shrek
    • thomas the dank engine
    • waluigi
    • luigi
    • stephine
    • sportaflop
    • goomy
    • michel rosen
    • creeper
    • enderman
    • gardevior
    • herobrine
    • mama luigi
    • me gusta
    • mayro
    • shy guy
    • SMG4
    • billy mays
    • kazzo kid
    • shoop-da-whoop
    • angry kirby
    • gaben
    • morshu
    • phoenix wright
    • wheatly
    • painis cupcake
    • vagineer
    • demopan
    • TF2 spy
    • TF2 pyro
    • TF2 heavy
    • MeeM
    • saxton hale
    • TF2 soldier
    • christian brutal sniper
    • TF2 scout
    • dr. hax
    • snypurr
    • tracer (overwatch)
    • McCree (overwatch)
    • sombra (overwatch…
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  • KirbiMiroir

    Okay, so anyone with a head knows that I would die to have Terra as a Smasher. Yeah, we have Cloud, but his appearance is kind of off if you ask me. So now to explain Terra, starting with her story.


    In Final Fantasy VI, the party's Magitek Elite (whose default name is, in fact, Terra) is the child of the Esper Maduin and the human Madeline. However, she gets kidnapped by the Ghestalian Empire and hypnotised to do their bidding for no apparent reason. Cut to the end of the opening dungeon, however, and some guy named Arvis frees her of the Empire's control over her. She then escapes into the mines and is rescued by a thief (who PREFERS the term "treasure hunter")... and the rest would be spoilers.

    She also appears as a playable character…

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