• Lasatar

    Fiora joins the battle

    December 4, 2017 by Lasatar

    Well, time for another moveset. Veterans of the wiki may in fact remember that my second ever blog post was for Fiora. Well, it's time to finally return to her and see how far I’ve come. This is also for the moveset making competition, by the way. The criteria was to make a moveset for a Sword User.

    In any case, no more wasting time. I’ve got a deadline to fulfil.

    ♦ Number of Jumps: 2
    ♦ Attack: 3/10
    ♦ Movement Speed: 7/10
    ♦ Attack Speed: 10/10
    ♦ Weight: 8/10

    Fiora is a very fast character, with above average movement speed and absolutely phenomenal attack speed. She also has very good weight, making her difficult to launch. However, her attack power is well below average, balancing things out in the end. Many of Fiora's attacks will hit more than…

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  • Lasatar

    Dillon crashes into battle

    November 18, 2017 by Lasatar

    So recently, I enrolled in a competition to make the best Smash movesets that you can. The first criteria was to make a moveset for any of the Assist Trophy characters in Smash already. Well, I picked Dillon, and so here's my moveset. But first, a bit of background.

    Dillon is the main protagonist and playable character of a 3DS eShop title called Dillon's Rolling Western. It is a really good game, and very cheap at only $15, so if you haven't played it already, I very much recommend you check it out. I have actually wanted Dillon in Smash since before Smash 4 even came out, so I was actually pretty disappointed that he wasn't a playable character (at least we got the Assist Trophy and some music from his game though).

    There has been a second…

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  • LarryKoopa102

    New Mario Items!

    October 19, 2017 by LarryKoopa102

    There are six new Mario items in Smash Bros 4.

    There are three new Mario items in this game that are good.

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  • LarryKoopa102

    I'm LarryKoopa102 here, and I'm going to predict which items should stay/return or just go away.

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  • LarryKoopa102

    What's up, guys! I'm Mini Mr Buttersmooth LarryKoopa102 here, and I'm going to rank the Top 5 WORST Smash Bros Items.

    Number 5: The POW Block.

    This item debuted in Smash Bros 4, and will probably be confirmed for Smash Bros for Switch. WHY? This item does NOTHING to help you win. You can easily dodge this item, and it comes up almost as much as the POW Block does. If you don't know what item I'm talking about, it's the Spiny Shell. This reminds me of the Blooper from Mario Kart, as he comes up WAY less than the Blue Shell does.

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  • Sahil Gagrai

    I know, this looks strange but I think she could be a good character, even though she doesn't even have original characteristics and abilities. Because she's from a candy world, her attacks would be sweet enough to be damageable. It would be totally unique.

    • Standard Attack: Slaps, then another slap, then another slap.
    • Forward Tilt: Tiffi does a puny kick, doing little upward knockback.
    • Up Tilt: Raises her arms like she's yaying.
    • Down Tilt: Headbutts.
    • Dash Attack: Trips while running, small candies fall off doing minimal damage.

    • Side Smash Attack: Hits with a wrapped candy that explodes on impact.
    • Up Smash Attack: Hits with a striped candy above, that burst above her.
    • Down Smash Attack: Matches 5 candies in a row, doing little damage, which creates …

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  • Lasatar

    Well, I certainly haven't been active recently. I've had a ton of work IRL and not much incentive to visit the wiki during free time. However, after seeing how the newest Marvel VS Capcom game featured a playable Monster Hunter in its DLC, I thought "Smash needs something like that". However, I've already made a moveset for the Monster Hunter. So what's next? Well, about two weeks ago, a little spinoff title called Monster Hunter Stories was released internationally. Being the massive MH fan I am, I bought it on launch day. It didn't disappoint. In fact, it surpassed my expectations tenfold. So what else can I do but make a moveset for the primary character of the game?

    Lute (or his female counterpart Sophia) is the protagonist and playable…

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  • IggyKoopa408

    Welcome to the first episode of Smash Bros For Switch Predictions! Today, I will predict the items!

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  • HamsterGem

    My SSB4 Mains

    September 14, 2017 by HamsterGem
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  • BlackBismuth

    Hi i am Black Bismuth, and this is my new blog, of wich character may become a newcomer for the next Super Smash Bros. Here's the statuses and the percentage of how high/low are the chances of a certain character joining smash:

    • Very Likely - Over 75%
    • Likely - 50%-75%
    • Maybe - 50%
    • Unlikely - 25%-50%
    • Very Unlikely - Less than 25%
    • Disconfirmed - 0%

    So, you can suggest who i'm analysing next.

    Status: Very Unlikely

    Not a surprise, as much as i hate saying this, Ridley is likely never coming to Smash. As much as people complain and beg to Sakurai, he won't put RIdley in smash because "Ridley is too big", it doesn't really make much sense, for example, Bowser and Ganondorf should be bigger and Olimar should be tiny, but Sakurai decided to change their size …

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