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Beedrill SSB64
Game Super Smash Bros.
Move Used Poison Sting
Rarity Common

Beedrill, known in Japan as simply Spear (スピアー Supiā?), Dardargnan (French), and Bibor (German), is a fictional creature in the Pokémon media franchise.

In Super Smash Bros.

As a Poké Ball Pokémon

Beedrill makes its first, and so far only, appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series as a Poké Ball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros.. It performs Poison Sting. When Beedrill is summoned, a single Beedrill appears before flying off the screen. Any opponents who touches this "main" Beedrill will take 18% damage and considerable knockback. A couple of seconds later, a swarm of Beedrills move horizontally across the screen, hitting any opponents they come into contact with and sending them flying upwards, dealing 12% damage per hit. Unown in Super Smash Bros. Melee attacks in a nearly identical fashion. It is possible that Unown replaced Beedrill in this sense.

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