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Banned stages are stages that are banned from most mainstream tournaments. Stages can be banned for several reasons, including:

  • Providing an unfair advantage for certain characters (such as excessive camping or chain grabs)
  • Allowing players to abuse glitches in the game
  • Completely altering the strategies needed to win (such as Temple and Icicle Mountain)
  • Having a significant amount of slowdown during a match

Major differences in communities

There are many community preferences in terms of stage choices. For example, when Luigi's Mansion was banned on the East Coast, it was allowed on the West Coast. This is usually due to the characters used most often in the community. In the East, Meta Knight is the dominating choice. The East Coast is also well known for much smaller allowable stage lists than the West.

Banned stages in SSB

Banned in both singles and doubles
Stage Reason for Banning
Mushroom Kingdom Pipe camping; stalling; Random POW blocks
Planet Zebes Acid (this stage is sometimes allowed in tournaments, it is semi-banned within the community)
Sector Z Overly large; Arwing lasers
Yoshi's Island Cloud camping

Banned stages in SSBM

In the current Smash Back Room rule set, certain stages are left up to the tournament organizer to decide on banning versus counter-pick. Stages marked with a single X are left up to the tournament organizer, whereas those marked with XX are always banned.

Stage Banned in Reason for Banning
Singles Doubles
Big Blue XX XX Random terrain; scrolling stage
Brinstar Depths XX XX No ledges to grab; stalling; "caves of life";low ceiling favors Star KOs
Flat Zone XX XX Randomness of falling materials; too small; no lower blast line
Fountain of Dreams XX Significant slowdown during doubles play
Fourside XX XX Uneven recovery potential; no large platforms for fighting; stalling; walls allow infinites
Great Bay XX Camping; stalling; ceiling spikes many characters easily
Green Greens X X Over-reliance on camping; bomb blocks disturb players; walls allow infinites; low ceiling favors Star KOs
Icicle Mountain XX XX Randomly moving stage; significant advantage to characters with good jumps
Kongo Jungle XX XX Small rock on the right enforces stalling
Mushroom Kingdom I XX XX Completely irregular design
Mushroom Kingdom II X X All fighting centers on small middle platform in singles; camping at blast zones
Mute City XX XX Too small to accommodate doubles play as well as significant slowdown during doubles play
Onett XX XX Cars can KO at low percents; walls allow infinites; no lower blast line
Poke Floats XX XX Irregular terrain, scrolling stage
Princess Peach's Castle X X Banzai Bill is a one-hit KO; walls allow infinites
Hyrule: Temple XX XX Too large; over-reliance on teching; see here for more
Venom XX XX Slowdown; walls; game-breaking stalling and camping potential.
Yoshi's Island N64 XX XX Camping and stalling on clouds; significant advantage to characters with good jumps
Yoshi's Island (Pipes) XX XX Fox can waveshine most characters off the right side; "caves of life"; low ceiling favors Star KOs

Banned Stages in SSBB

In the current Smash Back Room rule set, a few stages are left up to the tournament organizer to decide on banning versus counter-pick. Stages marked with a single X are left up to the tournament organizer, whereas those marked with XX are always banned.

Stage Banned in Reason for Banning
Singles Doubles
75m XX XX Too large, stalling, random obstacles, fighting centers around top-right corner, difficult to move about stage
Big Blue (Melee) XX XX Random terrain, scrolling stage, ground too close to the cars, gives a large advantage to faster moving characters, stage moves too fast
Bridge of Eldin XX XX Potential for game-breaking camping/stalling, walk-off edges, bomb in center of stage
Corneria (Melee) XX XX Extremely close blast lines, gives a big advantage for those with good vertical KO attacks, excessive camping/stalling behind the big fin, wall infinites
Flat Zone 2 XX XX Randomness of falling materials, extremely small, variety of damaging stage hazards, no lower blast line
Green Hill Zone XX XX Excessive camping near checkpoints, walk-off edges, blast lines are slightly close to the stage in which it makes it a little too small
Hanenbow XX XX Highly irregular design, stalling potential, Sonic spin glitch
Luigi's Mansion XX XX Ceiling of first floor can be exploited to survive longer or setup certain unescapable loops.
Mario Bros. XX XX Gameplay is vastly altered by stage enemies, ceilings, walk-off edges, no lower blast line
Mario Circuit XX XX Potential for game-breaking camping, walk-off edges, damaging karts, no lower blast line
Mushroomy Kingdom (1-1 and 1-2) XX XX Side-scrolling, stage moves too fast, underground's ceiling, ledges are not grabbable
New Pork City XX XX Overly large, stalling potential, camera refuses to zoom in, Ultimate Chimera
Onett (Melee) XX XX Cars, walls interrupt attacks, very small size, no lower blast line
Pirate Ship XX XX Easy to stall in the water or under the ship's rudder
Port Town Aero Dive XX XX Randomly moving stage, cars KO at low percentages, cars difficult to see coming due to the colors
Rumble Falls XX XX Gives overly large advantage to characters with large or multiple jumps, hurts those who rely on Tether Recoveries, first spike has One-hit KO potential, centers more on moving in the stage than fighting
Shadow Moses Island XX XX Removes lower blast line, walls can block access to side blast lines, over-reliance on teching, walls allow infinites
Skyworld XX XX No passable platforms; over-reliance on stage spikes; significant lag in doubles
Spear Pillar XX XX Randomness of Pokémon attacks, excessive stalling potential, tunnel under stage similar to Temple's underground
Summit XX XX Terrain is slippery, The Fish, ledges are not grabbable, Tether recoveries do not work
Temple (Melee) XX XX Too large, stalling potential, over-reliance on teching, lower area with ceiling}}
WarioWare, Inc. XX XX Over-reliance on random bonuses from Microgames
Yoshi's Island (Melee) X X Blocks interrupt KOs, central pit blocks certain recoveries, blast lines very close to stage

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