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Balanced Brawl (or BBrawl) is a hack of Super Smash Bros Brawl designed by Thinkaman and Amazing Ampharos with the goal of balancing characters in competitive Brawl with as few changes to core physics as possible. It is normally loaded using Smash Stack by comex so it is playable on any Wii, hacked or not. More information, videos, downloads, setup instructions, and chat can be found on the Balanced Brawl website.

Differences from Brawl+

Unlike Brawl+, none of the core physics have been changed:

  • Character movement is the same.
  • Hitbox sizes are the same for all characters.
  • No stages are frozen.

However, timing of a few attacks have been changed, and random tripping is removed.

Goals of BBrawl

  • Remove Infinites and Inescapable Lockdowns
  • Character Balancing
  • Increase Stage Viability

Character Changes

When Balanced Brawl was started, the creators decided to balance all the characters towards a power level about equal to that of Diddy Kong in standard Brawl. This meant some characters received several changes, while others did not need more than minor tweaks.


It is designed to load through Stacksmash. As such, it is not permanent and has no risk. Simply place the contents of the file on an SD card, delete or transfer custom stages off of the Wii, insert the SD card, and enter Stage Builder from the Brawl menu. Upon entering Stage Builder, Brawl will restart with the contents of Balanced Brawl loaded.

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