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Link, Meta Knight, and Pit using their aerial attacks on Lylat Cruise.

An aerial attack is any attack that is performed in midair that is not a special move. Their official terms vary between titles; they are known as "Midair Attacks" in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and "Air Attacks" in Brawl. Aerial attacks play an especially large role in competitive play because they can be L-canceled and can be performed after a short hop, greatly reducing their lag and start-up time as compared to ground attacks. Most aerial attacks deal moderate damage (9%-14%-ish).

Mario air attacks ssb

Aerial attacks include the:

Gliding characters also possess a glide attack, which is used when attacking out of gliding.

Also, characters with a Tether Recovery or a Wall-grapple usually possess an extra aerial attack, which is used by pressing the grab button.

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