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It sucks to be luigi

Walk a mile in my shoes

You'll be bettet than me.
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It sucks to be luigi.

Can we make this a whole series like icebreaker? if yes im gonna start posting 2 of these every day.

I put things like quotes that Colertale to luigi.
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This guy is in my classroom, today is wearing a familiar clothes and he is looking similar to Lucas.

say what do you think about it.

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5K posts. The amount Physics had when I first came here.

What can I say? I'm honored that I've been able to hit this milestone before we all have to move to

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Fun Assist Trophies!

Here's a list I made a while back. Some of these are from 3rd parties and Indies, mind you.

-Birdo (Mario/Doki Doki Panic)

-Floow (Super Smash Bros.)

-Bonkers (Kirby)

-M̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶T̶y̶s̶o̶n̶Glass Joe (Punch Out)

-Arachne (Pac Man)

-Mallow (Mario)

-Axem Rangers (Mario)

-Ecco (Ecco the Dolphin)

-Qbby (BoxBoy!)

-Zinger (Donkey Kong)

-Grunty (Banjo-Kazooie)

-Iron Golem (Minecraft)

-Tank (Wii Play)

-Demon Head (Wario)

-Poppy Bros. Sr. (Kirby)

-Centipede (Centipede)

-Reaper (Kid Icarus)

-Undyne (Undertale)

-Piano (Mario)

-Miracle Matter (Kirby)

-Plague Knight (Shovel Knight) (Keep in mind I made this list before the direct)

-Capital B (Yooka Laylee)

-Maws (Splatoon)

-Squashini (Kirby)

-Marina (Mischief Makers)

-Mountain Man (Getting Over It)

-Rival (Pokémon)

-Swooping Snitchbug (Pikmin)

-Alm & Celica (Fire Emblem)

-Ana (MOTHER/Earthbound)

-Urban Champion (Urban Champion)

-Octo Samurai (Splatoon)

-Classic Sonic (Sonic)

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Very Nice Poll

Who Will Make It In
  • Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Ragna the Bloodette
  • Dialga
  • Bowsette
  • Physicsiscool
  • Alph
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See ya

It's been a pleasure lads
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Glory to Hocotate

I'll make this my profile pic once I have access to my laptop.

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Where is Raymond!

I need my Raymond in smash
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A Poll

Who is the best Koopaling
  • Ludwig
  • Lemmy
  • Iggy
  • Roy
  • Morton
  • Larry
  • Wendy
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I honestly think all the signs point to Geolyte, the last Sakurai major game character, to be the obscure representation for smash ultimate.

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We need more moderation/on topic posts

Okay, I know I’m not exactly the most powerful person/ person with high authority on this wiki, but I think something needs to be said about how much stuff is off topic here.

I understand that this place is supposed to be chill and whatnot, but it is still a smash wiki. We all came here for smash. So I don’t think it’s cool that 50% of posts here are spam/debates about politics.

Debates every once in a while are fine, and can bring up very interesting topics and opinions at times. (Ex: our abortion debate) However it seems as if some of the people here are only here to argue about political matters. It could just be my bias, yes, as I am not well informed in the manner of politics. But I don’t know, it’s getting a bit annoying when people are getting salty and self entitled over any little thing anyone says that might offend them. Thus, turning it in to a big argument that derails from the conversation at hand.

The other thing I would like to talk about is spam. It is getting really annoying having these constant spammers on our wiki. There is not much to say here, but it’s obnoxious, and at least for me, it clutters up discussions.

This is why, I am proposing more moderation of these discussions. Mods and admins, you guys are doing a great job. However, with the recent influx of new people coming in because of ultimate.(some in dire need of being taken care of) I believe we should add another moderator to the discussions page. I feel like this place would be significantly less cluttered and much more on topic.

That is all-thank you

P.S I don’t mean I want the people here to feel unfree and bossed around. I just feel like we need to have a more on-topic discussions page on this wiki. I’m also very sorry if I offended anyone with this.
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What do you think of these web series?

Smash Bros. Lawl (Web Animation) - TV Tropes
Smash Bros. Lawl (Web Animation) - TV Tropes TV Tropes
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I am officially requesting for DTL to stop upvoting my posts. This is ridiculous.
dtl sr
dtl sr YouTube
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I'm back

Anyone remember me I was on here last year when I was 12 and I'm back and old enough
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Nintendo live

has anyone heard about the Nintendo live event at Tokyo on 3rd and 4th of November if do we think we will get more smash news?

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Hi, recently i think that do discussion in this fandom is boring, so i was thinking to do an group of Smash Fandom fans for facebook.
If you want to enjoy me login to it or create a new, for create the Smash Fandom fans group i need that somebody of this fandom want to be my friend in facebook, my name on facebook is look similar to my name on this fandom, so if you can and you want change to type about smash, follow this guide.

Note: I will create the group only if someone sent to me a friend request, this will happen in a time max of 24 hours.
My name on Facebook is Gwenrann, so is impossible to get wrong.
For help me, start a name with your nickname of this fandom, after the enjoy my group you can change name.
If the name of the group is creepy, put some ideas of recall it.
If someone have an better idea to do this group in other app, type to me.
For pleasure, if you read this sent to me if is a yes or no for to doing this, so it will help me.

Be friend on facebook It will be really advantage, because is possible to be friend on Nintendo Switch, especially for Super Smash Bros Ultimate that it will come on december 2018, and other good thing, so I wait your ideal.
Have fun :)
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I haven’t been active for the past week or so, but I will be kachowing back into the fight.
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